Twists and Turns

I love the twists and turns of Elephant Garlic, especially when the early morning sun creates shadows on the leaves.

Absorbed in my drawing, I slowly became aware of a  racket from an upset crow in the neighbour’s yard. The peak of their house is just visible over the hedge and a heron perched patiently (for the second time that week), waiting to raid the pond below. No idea why the crow cared.

Elephant Garlic

I later went to my computer for a closeup photo of the heron’s head as it was too far away to observe.

I sketched the image on the right a number of years ago, when I was first starting to experiment with page layouts, sidebars, and illustrated journals.

Creating an illustrated journal is more fun than filling page after page of a sketchbook with reference drawings, and the many opportunities to play with page layout makes each drawing a design challenge.

Instead of only observing, and focusing on successfully rendering the subject in front of me, keeping an illustrated journal has helped me create a habit of paying attention to the present moment, smelling, tasting, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face or the crispness of the autumn air, recording my discoveries.

As I make space in my day to notice my surroundings, my mind twists and turns and then I remember to notice again and am grateful that I can wonder and delight in so many things.




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