The Man in the Moon in Process…

Moon drawing by Patricia Bentham
For the last week I have been working on a small book for my Swiss grandson. When we asked my son and daughter in law what we could buy for their new baby, they asked us to create something original for him.

My husband, owner of,  made a mobile based on nursery rhymes and stars and I, leaving things to the last minute, speedily sketched a series of images based on the mobile!

Once I finish the pictures (still in draft form here), I will assemble them into a photo book, with a huge image of his two terrific grandparents on page one!!


I started by sketching the actual stars (see photo) but soon my imagination took over and I saw them with different facial expressions and postures.

I then scanned the black and white sketches into Photoshop and added either digital or scanned painted backgrounds and finally added the text.

The actual stars are made out of papier-mache and have all been hand crafted and painted, a very intricate and detailed process. Be sure to check his blog soon to see the finished mobile, all held together by a fabulous Man in the Moon.

I designed eight pictures and poems altogether, which will hopefully help my grandson to be fluent in English as well as Swiss German, so he can one day chat with me on Skype!


Hey Diddle Diddle drawing by Patricia Bentham

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