Easter Fun…

Who picked my daffodils? Easter card by Patricia Bentham

This card evolved from a series of sketches I did after an Easter egg hunt  with my then toddler granddaughter.   The original sketches did not look crisp enough for print and the colors appeared dull, so I scanned them, deleted all but the black lines and colored the rest digitally. Imperfect Action This is the […]

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Dragons and Stars

Dragon and Starfruit Together drawing by Patricia Bentham

Lately, I have been working hard at producing more effortless pictures (now that’s an oxymoron!), trying to make what appears on my pages look more like the images in my head. Completing value sketches before starting in color defined the darks and lights,  made it easier to get proportions right, and provided more time to […]

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Spiders Online

Spiders Online...Drawing by Patricia Bentham

When I opened the door to hang the laundry on the clothes line this morning,  I noticed the sun was shining through two large spider webs attached to the line. The threads were connected so gracefully, it seemed unfair to demolish all the spiders’ hard work, so I carefully placed the towels across the line […]

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Twists and Turns

Elephant Garlic

I love the twists and turns of Elephant Garlic, especially when the early morning sun creates shadows on the leaves. Absorbed in my drawing, I slowly became aware of a  racket from an upset crow in the neighbour’s yard. The peak of their house is just visible over the hedge and a heron perched patiently […]

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