Easter Fun…

Who picked my daffodils? Easter card by Patricia Bentham

Who picked my daffodils?

This card evolved from a series of sketches I did after an Easter egg hunt  with my then toddler granddaughter.   The original sketches did not look crisp enough for print and the colors appeared dull, so I scanned them, deleted all but the black lines and colored the rest digitally.

Imperfect Action

This is the first of a series of cards I am creating keeping in mind my new motto, “Take Imperfect Action”. I tend to obsess over projects, working on them endlessly, and finally filing them away to “finish later”.

Getting ideas and inspiration have never been a problem for me, following through and finishing a project has. Noticing some limiting mindsets has helped me be more aware of tunneling down into the never ending whirl of perfectionism.

Easter sketch of toddler hunting for Easter eggs.
I have come to learn, that if I pay attention to the chatter in my head loudly proclaiming, “That sucks! What were you thinking? Who do you think you are?”,  it can quench my enthusiasm and result in setting the project aside to “improve “at a later date.

Acknowledging the murmurings with, “Mmmm, there you are again, perhaps I will have some time for you later but for now I am putting my energy into this project…”, keeps my enthusiasm flowing and serves me better.






On the right – a favorite pen and ink sketch by illustrator Lois Allen.
Cartoon of bear being pushed aside by two children

Reading Steven Pressfield’s book, Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work
and two of his other books, “The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” and “Do The Work”, has helped me to see that the voice that seems to appear somewhere in the execution of a piece of artwork, is just that, a distracting voice.

(Canadians click here to purchase his books on Amazon.ca)
Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield


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