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Eye Rolling…

Contour Drawing Hand

I’m not generally an eye roller but when people say to me, “I can’t draw”, like the ability to draw is something some of us are born with and others are not, I have to mask impatience from showing up on my face. When a coffee shop customer comments on the sketches of the espresso sipping […]

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Sketching the Negative

Drawing the negative shapes

I love to draw as it is an activity that demands that I be fully present, pay attention, make moment by moment observations of shapes, lines, textures and lighting, and swiftly transfer these impressions on to paper. Since our November weather is chilly, I either sketch outside quickly or photograph my inspirations and draw them […]

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Sketching Garlic Scapes

Drawing garlic scapes

Sometimes you don’t have to look far for sketching inspiration.  One day earlier in the summer, when strolling around the Metchosin Farmers’ Market, I came across a big bucket of garlic scapes, surrounded by hand packaged herbs and young zucchini. When I saw the beautiful, looping, snakes of stems and unopened flower buds of the hard-neck garlic, I had to sketch them, so […]

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On Drawing My Face…

Eating ice cream sketch

I love to draw people in coffee shops, parks, and other places where they can be counted on to sit still for 5 or 10 minutes. The more double chins, bulbous noses, lines, wrinkles and unusual hair they have, the more interesting they are to draw. Until recently challenged in a sketching course I am […]

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My Unsympathetic Brush Pen

Sunny autumn morning art by patricia Bentham

In my last post, I mentioned that I intended to limit my October sketchbook by only using a Pentel Pocket brush pen and watercolors. I’m about half way there and am enjoying the bolder lines and added contrast the brush pen produces. The pen is not forgiving. Once I put the slightest pressure on it, […]

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Giving Thanks, Brush Pens and Joseph Low

Happy Thanksgiving

  The sun is shining over Victoria, BC on this wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving Day and the lawn just may dry out enough to get its last haircut of the season. A few weeks ago I was given a present of a delightful pot of orange, ornamental peppers that demanded to be sketched. Since I was […]

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The Man in the Moon in Process…

For the last week I have been working on a small book for my Swiss grandson. When we asked my son and daughter in law what we could buy for their new baby, they asked us to create something original for him. My husband, owner of,  made a mobile based on nursery rhymes and […]

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Shadow Shapes

Fisher Price People - drawing by Patricia Bentham

Eight or nine Fisher Price people reside in my house even though my kids have long since flown the coop. Odd objects like these are fun to set up into vignettes, and with the addition of strong lighting, provide splendid opportunities to create  sketches. Squint and attempt to only see simple shapes of darks and […]

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Dragons and Stars

Dragon and Starfruit Together drawing by Patricia Bentham

Lately, I have been working hard at producing more effortless pictures (now that’s an oxymoron!), trying to make what appears on my pages look more like the images in my head. Completing value sketches before starting in color defined the darks and lights,  made it easier to get proportions right, and provided more time to […]

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Spiders Online

Spiders Online...Drawing by Patricia Bentham

When I opened the door to hang the laundry on the clothes line this morning,  I noticed the sun was shining through two large spider webs attached to the line. The threads were connected so gracefully, it seemed unfair to demolish all the spiders’ hard work, so I carefully placed the towels across the line […]

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